Eric C. Hansen - Consulting Environmental Biologist


Cherokee Canal Corridor Management Strategy
Sep 23, 2014

Department of Water Resources Cherokee Canal Corridor Management Strategy Pilot Project, Butte ...

Recovery Tasks for Giant Garter Snake
Sep 23, 2014

Hansen, E.C.  2008.  Implementation of Priority 1, Priority 2, and Priority 3 Recovery Tasks ...

Response of the Giant Garter Snake to Water Primrose Removal at the Cosumnes River Preserve
Sep 23, 2014

Hansen, E.C., H. McQuillen, S. Sweet, S. Gala, and J. Marty.  2010.  Response of the Giant ...

Giant garter snake comparative pathology, health, and contaminant exposure
Sep 23, 2014

Hansen, E.C, R. Wack, R. Poppenga, K. Strohm, C. Johnson, D. Bunn, and R. Scherer.  2011.  ...

Volta Wasteway, Merced County, CA.
Sep 23, 2014

Level 2 Diversification/Incremental Level 4 Development Pilot Project On behalf of USBR and ...